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ar, we still like it, it will not be too far? "Hear the words alone offerings, Nie Feng's look is still a bit gloomy, although doing so is really a great thing to earn, but Nie Feng still felt like I was treachery it. "Ah, the fire Kirin vowed to use their names, but also compelling, but Phoenix is ??also missing as possible, then I believe, just swear Phoenix real name, it is not necessarily completely true heart. "Sneer hanging in the mouth alone offerings, offerings spoke of independence. "Whether or not true, since Phoenix is ??the oath, right? ""Yes ah, but it is not among the oath whichever lives, rather than not to harm people and not contrary to all men, MBT Sandalen Damen which is worth pondering, and put your hands and feet burned, but it is not visceral injuries kill you, it would be left of your life, right?Later you because of this injury and die, MBT Schuhe then it is not his fault Phoenix, do not forget, Phoenix is ??not directly kill you, but the injury took your life, and I say nothing wrong with it? "Offerings alone, then suddenly let Nie Feng stunned them, looking at the offerings alone, Nie maple shook his head and said: "This predecessors You think too much, right?" "Instead I want more, but I teach you! "One pair of red eyes become deep shoved up offerings alone and he said: "We are evil, they reveal the oath, is every word of each word are extremely particular about, do not think with 'seems to be' or 'almost' to understand, just like I said, as long as Phoenix did not say do not attack the words struck me so, then it can continue to mbt sandalen kisumu damen kill you, as it is no longer entangled scores nonsense, Wicked beast to kill you, you need grudge? "
Chapter 410 "This is ...... broken law?"Looked at his palm smacked of that strange scene, Nie Feng suddenly shocked, red soul shadow rule, actually make themselves out to be, but still no soul in the shadow of the power to borrow under the red resorted to. ( was injured by broken rule the shadows, who continue to jet out of a lot of blood, unusual, even then a powerful repai
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